All I want for Christmas is any newer car that isn’t an electric vehicle.

If you think that owning an EV is cool, that you are protecting the environment and saving money on fuel, you might want to read about issues that EV (electric vehicle) owners have been facing in the past year. From flooded EV’s catching fire after being soaked by hurricanes to starting issues and dead batteries, owning an EV is not the best idea.

Imagine going to a gas station to fuel up your car or truck and reading a long list of “fixes” needed before you can put gas in your tank. That never happens. But, have a look at the “Fixing “Unable to Charge” or “Charge Port” Tesla Errors” that Tristan Perry posted earlier this year.

EV’s Catch Fire

Read this article about cars that were flooded by Hurricane Ian this year. “Electric vehicles catching fire in Florida after Hurricane Ian.

What Happens When You Can’t Charge Your EV for That Christmas Trip?

“Domenick Nati, 44, a resident of Lynchburg, Virginia, rolled into a Supercharger station Saturday afternoon with 19 miles left of charge. The Tesla’s dashboard showed outside temperatures were 19 degrees Fahrenheit. He made a video about his awful experience over the last 24 hours.”

Read Domenick’s story here: “Tesla Owner Stranded At Supercharger Station On Christmas Eve After Cold Weather Paralyzes Battery.

Let me know below in the comments what your thoughts are regarding buying or owning an EV.

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  1. Having previously heard of significant EV issues I cjose not to replace my 1993 Nissan Navara 4WD truck with EV. Instead have purchased a diesel fueled 2014 Ford Kuga wirh low kms. In NZ the most unlikely fuel to be affected by shortages will bw diesel and the ecconomy of the Kuga is surprising.

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