The unholy crusade against gas appliances

When Berkeley, California last year became the first U.S. city to ban the installation of natural gas lines to new homes, Mayor Jesse Arreguín proudly stated, “We are committed to the Paris Agreement and must take immediate action in order to reach our climate action goals. It’s not radical. It’s necessary.”

From, Watts Up With That

Many areas of the USA have already banned the installation of natural gas appliances such as furnaces, kitchen ranges, water heaters and gas fired grills in an effort to reduce the small amounts of CO2 that is produced by the burning of natural gas. The idea is that now we have Wind Power and Solar Power systems going in across large parts of the country, that everything should run on electricity.

Phasing out natural gas-fired electric power generation by 2030 is bedrock dogma in the Green New Deal. In fact, it’s become an unholy crusade. So it should be no surprise that climate alarmists would jump at the chance to ban new natural gas lines. Many other cities in California have already followed Berkeley’s lead, as has Bellingham, Washington. More gas bans are in the offing nationwide. Connecticut lawmakers actually want a law that would pressure insurers to stop insuring homes that have gas appliances or heating systems!!

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