Links to resources that provide various sides of the Climate Change debate.

United States Focused

The Heartland Institute

NIPCCNongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change

Center of The American Experiment

The Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)

Climate Depot

Watts Up With That?

Real Climate Science with Tony Heller

Internationally Focused

Stop These Things deals with Wind Power in Australia

The focus of this website is giving truthful Sea Level Rise information but he has a wonderful list of dozens of websites on both sides of the Climate Change debate.

Creation Resource Links

Creation in the 21st Century on TBN. New shows at 1:30CST Saturday

David Rives Ministries

Genesis Science Network (Free on Roku, Free App and Website)

The Creation Super Store

Institute for Creation Research (This video series was produced by ICR)

ICR Discovery Center (Dallas, TX)

Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham)

The Ark Encounter (Williamstown, KY)

Biblical Science Institute

The Starting Point Project

Creation Astronomy

Creation Moments

Creation Training Initiative

Twin Cities Creation Science Association