Not Just a Climate Change

After nearly 10 months of not posting here on Climate Change Truth it’s once again time to speak up and speak out. In the past, most information that we have posted here has been written about issues surrounding those who believe that humans are the cause of changes to our world-wide climate and that we need to have governments forcefully change the way we live.

With the changes taking place around the world and most notably here in the USA, we will expand our coverage to include other topics related to government controls. The subtitle of our website is, “How To Find Peace in a Changing Climate.” My hope is that you will truly be able to find peace in these stormy days as you learn the truth not only about Climate Change but the truth of God’s love for you.

Helpful Links to Resources

The is so much happening in the world right now that it is hard for me to keep up with all the latest news and post updates here on a regular basis. However, I have added a couple pages to this website where you can find the most up to date information on Climate Change and other topics that I will be covering. The Climate Change News Feeds page pulls RSS feeds from several websites and is updated every few hours. The Resources page has links to Climate Change websites as well as Creation Resources that give a Biblical perspective.

Sometimes Government Data Gets Changed

Sometimes the data presented by Government entities gets changed, deleted or disappears to build the case for those pushing the Climate Change lie. Here is a resent example.

CAUGHT: ‘Inconvenient’ U.S. Wildfire Data Has Been ‘Disappeared’ by National Interagency Fire Center @NIFC_Fire

We Are Here for You

There are many scientists and others like myself who are researching the Truth About Climate Change. Do not let the mainstream media, government and Big Tech companies fool you and control you. Think for yourself, do your own research because there are places to find the truth.

Stories like the one above regarding the “disappearance” of historical data that points to the fact that Wildfires are not getting worse but the trend is down are the types of information you will find here.

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