Is There A Climate Change Cult?

I like to listen to and read the perspectives of people outside of the USA on many subjects regarding life, politics, family and religion. I just came across this article that was published just today by David Robertson who is the director of Third Space, a project of the City Bible Forum in Australia. David is a writer for newspapers, magazines and is an author.

Like David, I often see people who are pushing the “Climate Change Catastrophe” agenda as moving much like a cult would. Going after young people and those who need to have some cause to live for that is outside of their inner world which seems to be full of anger and resentment for those who have more than they do.

I see storm clouds growing as this battle between the Truth about Climate Change and the Agenda of those wanting more and more control over our lives heats up. This heating, I fear, will cause much more harm than a 1.3C rise in the average temperature of the world.

I see something happening which is profoundly disturbing.  It would be good if my sight was wrong.  Feel free to let me know what you think…

Climate change is real. Human beings contribute to climate change. There are other factors involved with climate change. Human beings can do something about the human aspect but nothing about the rest. We don’t control the winds, waves, the sun or the temperature.

It seems strange that even in Christian circles there are those who consider it almost blasphemous to make this last point. Just as strange as those who think that looking after the planet is somehow anti-Christian!

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