Climate Reality Project – Counterpoint

On November 20, 2019 I had the opportunity to respond to a presentation made by a husband and wife who have been trained as members of Al Core’s Climate Reality Leadership Core, part of the former Vice President’s Climate Reality Project. My presentation was to a small group of local government and business leaders who are active in their community promoting conservation and alternative energy solutions.

Much of the presentation made by this couple was dramatic, scary and often, in my opinion, less than truthful. They did not provide any documentation to support the data and “facts” that they talked about. Like you will often see in media reports about the coming “Climate Change Catastrophe” and what is posted on the Climate Reality Project website, much fear and hype is used to push people to take action.

I have a PDF copy of my presentation that you can download from the link below.

Below is an excerpt from my introductory page.

According to the Climate Reality Project website, over 20,000 people have been trained to present this organizations perspectives on Climate Change around the world. There are members of this organization in our community who have shared and continue to share information related to climate change that is not balanced, accurate and is often full of images designed to foster fear in people. My position is that: #1 Our climate and weather around the earth is changing and is always changing because we live on a “living” and dynamic planet. #2 Changes to our world-wide climate swings is natural and on a global scale, humans have little influence on it. #3 We don’t need to try and panic people into taking extreme steps that climate change alarmists are pushing for. Those representing the Climate Reality Project often say that they are not being political in presenting their information. The fact that former Vice President Al Gore is the founder of the Climate Reality Project should be evidence to the fact that the presentations and the organization is pushing a political agenda.