No signs of a climate emergency for W. Hudson Bay polar bears this year ahead of UN climate meeting

“I’ve been told that another complete aerial survey of the Western Hudson Bay polar bear subpopulation (from the Nunavut to Ontario boundaries) was conducted in August this year and that … Read More

Biden Pushing for Electric Cars & Cali EV Owners Go Back to Gasoline Power

Joe Biden rode in the 20,000-pound Presidential Limo nick-named The Beast to push for Electric Vehicles (EV’s) in Michigan. “He rode about 12 miles in the Beast to Ford’s Rouge … Read More

“world’s glaciers have not been following along with the CO2-driven catastrophic melting narrative”

From: A new study has found that the Greenland’s largest glacier has rapidly thickened since 2016…fueled by 1.5°C regional ocean cooling. Research is also showing that glaciers in other … Read More

Attenborough’s Arctic Betrayal: New video reveals that terrorizing young children about climate began with polar bears

My newest video released today summarizes the strong polar bear component to the terrorization of the world’s children about climate change, which began for many youngsters in 2006 with the … Read More