Biden Pushing for Electric Cars & Cali EV Owners Go Back to Gasoline Power

Joe Biden rode in the 20,000-pound Presidential Limo nick-named The Beast to push for Electric Vehicles (EV’s) in Michigan. “He rode about 12 miles in the Beast to Ford’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn.”

According to Press Secretary Jen Psaki who recently shared with reporters “not only is Biden’s administration considering an electric Beast, it’s something that Biden has talked about and would like to have happen.” Ms. Psaki shrugged off questions about the irony of Mr. Biden traveling in a gas-guzzler to the electric vehicle plant.

Why are EV owners in California going back to gasoline vehicles?

As many “Blue States” push for changing laws and regulations to move away from gas powered vehicles, “a new study from the University of California, Davis, published in the journal Nature Energy last week, showed some concerning signs for what the auto industry still needs to get right. According to this study, which looked at California EV owners specifically between 2015-2019, 18% of electric vehicle owners switched back to a gas-powered car. For plug-in hybrid owners, 20% of them flipped back to a car solely powered by an engine.” See story here.

“The major takeaway from the EV flip-flopping lands in the lap of charging — specifically at-home charging. The lack of reliable Level 2 charging at home (that’s a 240-volt plug) was a major factor leading to EV “discontinuance,” as the researchers called it.”

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